I teach both Yin and Ashtanga yoga:


Ashtanga Yoga

Sundays 6.30pm - 7.30pm

Ashtanga Yoga classes help you stay supple, in shape and chilled out. It’s vigorous and dynamic so you move freely, doing synchronised poses that stretch and challenge muscles. Getting yoga sweaty through posture, movement and breathing purifies from head to toe.

Why are these classes good for me? 

  • Strengthen & tone
  • Boost cardio function
  • Improve balance & coordination

What will I do? 

  • Challenging postures
  • Flow from one pose to the next
  • Relax at the end of class

Yin Yoga

Sundays 7.40pm - 8.40pm

Slow and gentle, Yin yoga features floor-based postures that are held for longer periods of time. This passive stretching works the connective tissues, increasing flexibility and mobility. The practice is deeply relaxing and revitalising.

Why are these classes good for me?

  • Passive stretches complement training
  • Restores body & mind
  • Calming & de-stressing

What will I do? 

  • Very long holds
  • Breathing techniques
  • Relaxation


Both classes are held at Dera Hall, Chertseydene Walk, Chertsey Road, Twickenham, TW2 7QB.